Published Articles

Concurrent Programming in .NET Core

April 13th 2017

Learn approaches to concurrent programming in .NET Core, as well as potential issues to be aware of.

Singleton in C# - Pattern or Anti-pattern

March 13th 2017

Singleton is one of the basic software design patterns, but if not implemented correctly can introduce complications in your application. This article discusses common use cases where you should avoid the Singleton pattern.

Visual Studio Code Condensed

February 6th 2017

This Visual Studio Code article will help you get started, and make you more productive at this increasingly popular text editor.

My Book

NuGet 2 Essentials

NuGet 2 Essentials

Damir Arh, Dejan Dakić Packt Publishing

A clearly written guide for .NET developers who want to get to grips with the NuGet package manager. Filled with practical examples, it leads up to teaching you how to set up your own internal server.