Published Articles

Hosting a Vue.js App in Bloomreach CMS

July 30th 2019 Bloomreach Blog

Learn how to develop and integrate a Vue.js app with Bloomreach Experience Manager.

Developing Web Applications in .NET (Different Approaches and Current State)

July 7th 2019

There are many approaches available for developing a web application in .NET. In this article, I will give an overview of frameworks that you can choose for your .NET projects.

.NET Core Global Tools

May 13th 2019

The tutorial provides an overview of .NET Core Global tools: how to use them, how to create them and what to expect of them in future versions of .NET Core.

My Book

The Absolutely Awesome Book on C# and .NET

The Absolutely Awesome Book on C# and .NET

Damir Arh DotNetCurry

A concise and detailed technical book in Q&A format about C# and .NET. It's a great resource if you want to deepen your knowledge and understanding or catch up with the latest features.