How to Choose the Right .NET Collection Class?

November 25th 2018

The .NET framework Base Class Library contains many collection classes. This can make it difficult to decide when to use which. Grouping them together based on their properties can make the choice for a specific scenario, much easier.

The Evolution of C#

October 22nd 2018

Since its original release in 2002, C# has been regularly updated with new features. Today, we will look at the most important new features of each major language version and explore how the C# code we have been writing, has evolved through years.

.NET Core Application Development in Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

July 28th 2018

This tutorial explores how to develop .NET Core applications in Visual Studio Code (VS Code). We will explore some extensions that enhance Visual Studio Code and improves your .NET Core development experience.

Dynamic Binding in C#

June 27th 2018

Dynamic binding in C# opens some possibilities which would not be available in a strictly strong typed language. This tutorial explores how C# supports dynamic binding.

C# 8.0 - New Planned Features

May 26th 2018

In this C# 8 tutorial, I am going to introduce a selection of currently planned features which will most probably end up in the final release. All of the C# 8 features are still early in development and are likely to change.

C# 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 - New Features (Updated)

May 14th 2018

C# 7 has added a number of new features to the language. This tutorial looks at the new features added to the minor versions of C# i.e. C# 7.1, 7.2 and and 7.3

Building Applications for Different .NET Framework Versions

March 18th 2018

A peek into the major differences between the .NET framework versions and how we can still target older versions of .NET framework even when using the latest development tools.

How Well Do You Know C#?

February 5th 2018

Even developers with good C# skills write code that might behave unexpectedly sometimes. This article features several C# code snippets which fall into that category, and explains the reasons behind the surprising behavior.

C# 7.1, 7.2 and 8 - New and Upcoming Features

November 22nd 2017

Visual Studio 2017 15.3 update was a big milestone for C#. It was the release vehicle for C# 7.1 – the first minor version of C# 7. This article will take a closer look at its new features and the plans for future versions (C# 8) of the language.

Continuous Testing in .NET

October 16th 2017

Live Unit Testing functionality in Visual Studio 2017 brought more attention to the practice of continuous testing. This article will explain what continuous testing is all about, why you should care and how you can practice it as a .NET developer.

What’s New for .NET Developers

September 22nd 2017

Microsoft has been recently announcing a slew of new development tools and frameworks for .NET Developers. This post gives a brief overview of what was announced and what is currently available.

Functional Programming (F#) for C# Developers

August 21st 2017

As a C# developer, you might already be writing some functional code without realizing it. This article describes some of the functional approaches you are already using in C#, as well as some improvements in C# 7 that make functional programming in it, easier.

.NET Standard 2.0 and XAML Standard

July 18th 2017

.NET Standard 2.0 and XAML Standard were announced at Build 2017, which could have a big effect on the future of cross-platform development in .NET. In this article we’ll take a detailed look at what they are and why they might be important.

C# 7.0 - What's New

June 7th 2017

C# 7 is the next version of C#. This article provides an overview of the new features in C# 7.0.

Error Handling in Large .NET Projects

May 12th 2017

Effective error and exception handling in any kind of an application plays an important role in providing a pleasant experience to the user, when unexpected failures occur. This article talks about some effective error handling strategies that you can use in your projects.

Concurrent Programming in .NET Core

April 13th 2017

Learn approaches to concurrent programming in .NET Core, as well as potential issues to be aware of.

Singleton in C# - Pattern or Anti-pattern

March 13th 2017

Singleton is one of the basic software design patterns, but if not implemented correctly can introduce complications in your application. This article discusses common use cases where you should avoid the Singleton pattern.

Visual Studio Code Condensed

February 6th 2017

This Visual Studio Code article will help you get started, and make you more productive at this increasingly popular text editor.

What’s Brewing for .NET Developers

December 5th 2016

Microsoft recently announced a slew of new development tools and frameworks for developers at Connect(); // 2016. This post gives a brief overview of what was announced.

.NET Standard - Simplifying Cross Platform Development

November 7th 2016

What is .NET Standard and why should developers care about it. Also get a sneak peek into the upcoming .NET Standard 2.0.

Asynchronous Programming in C# using Async Await – Best Practices

September 17th 2016

The async and await keywords in C# make asynchronous programming simpler, however one can still use them incorrectly. This article highlights some common mistakes, and gives advice on how to avoid these mistakes.

Project Centennial – Convert Classic Windows Apps to a Universal Windows App (UWP) using Desktop App Converter

July 13th 2016

Project Centennial converts Windows desktop applications to Universal Windows platform (UWP) so as to include them in Windows Store and give them full application identity.

.NET Compiler Platform (a.k.a Roslyn) - An Overview

March 8th 2016

Roslyn now known as .NET Compiler Platform is the next generation of C# compiler and more. This article gives a general overview and guidance about Roslyn.

Create Your Own Project Template for Visual Studio 2013 and 2015

January 21st 2016

Project template creation for Visual Studio can be another tool in your tool belt. This guide will get you started.

Upgrading Existing C# Code to C# 6.0

December 15th 2015

C# 6.0 brings many small improvements to the language. However, does it make sense to upgrade your existing C# code base to take advantage of the new C# 6.0 features? Let us find out.

Create Your First Diagnostic Analyzer in Visual Studio 2015

November 14th 2015

Diagnostic analyzers are a great new extensibility feature in Visual Studio 2015 for performing static code analysis. This article will walk you through the process of creating a simple diagnostic analyzer on your own.

Diagnostic Analyzers in Visual Studio 2015

October 8th 2015

Diagnostic analyzers in Visual Studio 2015 will strongly affect the way we will be writing code in future. This article will help you learn everything you need to know about diagnostic analyzers.

Razum Blog

Using Bootstrap Multiselect with Angular

August 17th 2016 Razum Blog

David Stutz’s Bootstrap Multiselect is probably the most popular Bootstrap plugin for rendering a select element with multiple attribute as a Bootstrap button with a dropdown menu. It is feature rich and works great, but if you want to use it with Angular, there is unfortunately no directive available for it.


NuGet Is Down. Now What?

December 15th 2014 TheNexus

Sonatype Nexus can serve as a centralized package cache to avoid your build process being dependent on the official NuGet repository.

NuGet and Nexus: Use a Repository Group to Consolidate Multiple Repositories

November 11th 2014 TheNexus

Repository groups in Sonatype Nexus can virtually merge contents of multiple different package sources and make them appear as a single one to the consumers.

Nexus and NuGet: Create a Hosted Repository

October 17th 2014 TheNexus

You can use Sonatype Nexus to host your own package source with private NuGet packages that you do not want to publish to the official NuGet repository and make available to everyone.

Get Started with Nexus and NuGet

October 6th 2014 TheNexus

The best way for getting to know Sonatype Nexus is to install its open source edition locally and give it a test run.

Nexus for .NET Developers: New Series

September 9th 2014 TheNexus

This series of articles introduces Sonatype Nexus step-by-step from the initial setup to the configuration and usage scenarios for individual NuGet related features.