Published Articles

Cloud Applications - Internal Application Architecture with Design Patterns

September 2nd 2021

Learn about cloud applications, study it's internal architecture as well as several design patterns that are especially useful in such applications.

Nullable Reference types in C# - Best practices

April 29th 2021

In this tutorial, I look at the state of the Nullable Reference Types feature in C#, one year after its initial release.

C# 9 - Making your code simpler

April 10th 2021

The tutorial introduces a subset of C# 9 features which can make your code shorter and simpler. It concludes with a brief look at what future versions of the language might bring.

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The Absolutely Awesome Book on C# and .NET

The Absolutely Awesome Book on C# and .NET

Damir Arh DotNetCurry

A concise and detailed technical book in Q&A format about C# and .NET. It's a great resource if you want to deepen your knowledge and understanding or catch up with the latest features.