Published Articles

Deploying Blazor WebAssembly applications to Azure Static Web Apps

May 12th 2022

In this tutorial, I compare Azure Static Web Apps with Azure App Service and explain how to publish a Blazor WebAssembly application as a Static Web App.

Async streams in C# - Deep Dive

February 9th 2022

This article explores C# async streams in detail: from the basics and the reasoning behind them, to real-world examples of using and creating them.

Cloud Applications - Internal Application Architecture with Design Patterns

September 2nd 2021

Learn about cloud applications, study it's internal architecture as well as several design patterns that are especially useful in such applications.

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The Absolutely Awesome Book on C# and .NET

The Absolutely Awesome Book on C# and .NET

Damir Arh DotNetCurry

A concise and detailed technical book in Q&A format about C# and .NET. It's a great resource if you want to deepen your knowledge and understanding or catch up with the latest features.