Artificial Intelligence for Tactical Games

January 1st 2002 Artificial Intelligence C/C++

As a part of the Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Programming course at university me and a group of fellow students (in alphabetical order: Uroš Čibej, Matija Jekovec, Gregor Leban, Mitja Luštrek, Martin Žnidaršič under the supervision of Aleks Jakulin got involved in a project which tried to achieve sensible tactical behavior of a group of soldiers controlled by a human player at a higher abstraction level.

Although the project was only meant as a learning polygon for different approaches to real time tactical artificial intelligence, we still achieved quite satisfactory results. A short presentation at the end of the course classes that was extremely well received got us an invitation to the Solomon seminar at Jozef Stefan Institute.

The complete project is available for download from my site. It consists of the source code which is due to the experimental nature of project pretty messy and requires Simple DirectMedia Layer libraries and Visual C++ 6 to be compiled, a brief technical report which describes the used algorithms, a Power Point presentation for the Solomon seminar and a set of animations in DivX format which demonstrate the interesting behavior of the soldiers.

Unfortunately most of the above materials are in Slovenian language and will therefore be of limited use to the non-Slovenian speakers. The only exceptions to this are probably the source code and the animations.

Files available for download:

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