Web Page Redesigned

January 15th 2006 DasBlog Damir's Corner

It's been almost three years since I last updated my web page and it's really about time to change that. When thinking about the reasons for not updating the page in such a long period it became obvious that the old structure of the page just didn't suit the contents I'd like to publish any more.

Instead of just restructuring it and writing some code for simpler updating I decided to use an existing solution for content management. After trying out a few of free ones I chose dasBlog since this site is about to become a sort of technology oriented blog. In the last few weeks I prepared a new theme to resemble my old web page style as much as possible. I also did my best to keep relevant old content and even make it accessible through old URLs. Some of the technical details will be the subject of another posting.

But the most important thing is that I'll try to keep the updates more regular. Simpler updating and more spare time because I've just obtained my Master's degree should make this more probable. Expect mostly technical articles related to my work and spare time activities from now on.

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