C++ Project Build from Network Share Fails in VS2005

May 14th 2006 C/C++ Visual Studio

Trying to build a C++ project opened from a network share in Visual Studio 2005 might fail with a strange error:

Command line error D8022 : cannot open '$(OutDir)\RSP00000115642624.rsp'

Double clicking it in the Error List window crashes the Visual Studio. The issue is reported in the MSDN Product Feedback Center.

Additional exploration and experimentation revealed that the problem only appears when the share host can't authenticate the user reading from and writing to the share. This means there will be no error when the user and the share hosting computer are in the same domain.

Unfortunately this usually isn't the case in home environment. It's best you just avoid the problem altogether by opening the project from a local drive. Just use a version control system or a synchronization tool to assure the same files are on the local machine and on the server when you need to.

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