MCP Exam 70-536 Experiences

December 25th 2006 .NET Framework Certification

I've recently passed the MCP exam 70-536: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 – Application Development Foundation. My overall experience has been very positive. Although there are a few not so relevant topics I think that most of them are a must-know if you're a .NET developer. I found the exam quite easy with only a few really nitpicking questions. Maybe I was just lucky but it was a pleasant surprise for me.

I used the Microsoft Self-Paced Training Kit as the study guide. In spite of the mistakes it contains (see errata) I still find it a useful overview of the topics covered by the exam. I even think of it as a great overview of .NET framework for every developer even if he's not considering taking the exam. On the other hand it really shouldn't be your only resource, more of a starting point to direct you to the topics you realize you don't know enough about. MSDN or a more specialized book can help you from there on.

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