Location of PowerPoint AutoRecover Files

November 24th 2007 Microsoft Office Data Recovery

Not so long ago I've been called to my boss's office to prevent him losing unsaved work in a PowerPoint presentation. It turned out that when he tried to save the file to a new location the message box with the overwrite warning for some reason didn't render completely and it was impossible to close it. As it turned out at the end I could have just killed the application and restart it, since the AutoRecover feature kicked in and offered a version of the file with all changes applied.

But just to be on the safe side I wanted to copy the AutoRecover files to a safe location before actually killing the application. But unlike Word or Excel where the location of these files is set in the options, PowerPoint does not have such an option. After some googling I finally stumbled across a page, correctly stating that the files are stored in the %temp% folder and named ppt*.tmp. I decided to publish this info here just in case I need it again.

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