Slides and Code from My Sessions at NT Conference

May 20th 2016 Async C# Speaking

It's May again, which means the annual NT Conference was taking place in Portoro┼ż at the beginning of this week. This year I had two sessions scheduled, the first one on Monday and the second one on Tuesday.

The Monday session was the second one of the day and I was talking about Best Practices for Using async and await. After a short introduction, explaining the basics of asnyc and await keywords, I dedicated the rest of the session to common mistakes and ways to avoid them. The topic attracted a lot of interest, and the room was packed full in spite of additional chairs that were brought in. The conference organizer even decided to schedule a repeat of the session on Wednesday for everyone who couldn't make it in. As always, my demo samples and slides are available for download to everyone.

In Tuesday session I took a glimpse at the future and discussed How C# 7 Might Look Like. I only spent a couple of minutes describing the open source ecosystem of Roslyn and then immediately dived into different new language constructs that are currently in development. I gave the most attention to pattern matching but tried to at least briefly mention all the other features as well. You can download my pattern matching demo, though you will need the Visual Studio "15" Preview to try it out. There are no special requirements for viewing the slides, of course. I've also written an article on the same subject for the May edition of DotNetCurry Magazine if you want to learn more about it.

Thanks to everyone attending my sessions. It was great speaking to a room full of interested attendees and answering their questions.

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