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Slides and Code from .NET DeveloperDays

October 25th 2019 C# Speaking

In August, I was invited by the organizers of the .NET DeveloperDays conference to have a session about C# 8 in Warsaw at the end of October. After a few exchanges with them and a short consideration, I decided to take on the challenge of speaking at a conference of such size for the first time. As promised at the end of my session there, I'm making the slides and sample code available for download.

Slides from my MakeIT 2019 Session

October 18th 2019 Architectural patterns Speaking

MakeIT is the yearly conference of the local Java community. I usually don't even consider speaking there but when the call for papers was announced for this year, I was in the middle of preparing my session about microservices for Global Azure Bootcamp 2019. Since the session focused on the architectural patterns and was mostly technology agnostic, I decided to submit it for MakeIT 2019 as well.

Slides and Code from My SLODUG Session

September 13th 2019 C# Speaking

This Tuesday, the Slovenian Developers User Group organized the annual meetup with the highest-voted sessions from the NT conference. Unfortunately, the second speaker couldn't make it back to Slovenia in time due to unforeseen circumstances. Since we couldn't find a different speeker on such a short notice my session about C# 8 was the only one at the event.

Slides and Code from NT Conference 2019

Yesterday the NT Conference 2019 concluded in Portorož. This year I had three sessions there. On Tuesday, I talked about the new language features in C# 8. On Wednesday, I repeated my session about application architecture from this year's Global Azure Bootcamp. My final session on Thursday was about global tools in .NET Core.

Resources from Global Azure Bootcamp 2019

It was Global Azure Bootcamp time again last Saturday and for the third time in a row I was attending the Slovenian one as a speaker. This time, my session was not about a specific technology or tool. Instead, I dived into application architecture. The microservices hype has been my pet peeve for a while and I wanted to share my opinion about it with the attendees.

My Sessions at NT Conference 2018

May 25th 2018 C# Unit Testing .NET Speaking

It's the week of NT Conference 2018. I had two sessions this year. On Tuesday, I talked about a selection of common C# gotchas which can surprise even an experienced C# developer. In my second session, I explained the benefits of continuous testing and showed how to configure it for a .NET Core project in Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio Code.

Resources from Global Azure Bootcamp 2018

It's April again and last Saturday it was time for the annual Global Azure Bootcamp event. The Slovenian one was taking place at the local Microsoft offices. In my session, I explained how to configure Visual Studio Code to improve the experience of .NET Core development as much as possible.

Slides and Code from My SLODUG Session

June 30th 2017 .NET .NET Standard Speaking

The last Slovenian Developers User Group meeting before the summer break consisted of the two most popular sessions from Microsoft NT Conference, as voted by the user group members.

Slides and Code from My NT Conference Session

May 19th 2017 .NET .NET Standard Speaking

At the beginning of this week the traditional NT Conference was taking place in Portorož. I had my only session this year on Monday, where I talked about .NET Core and .NET Standard.

Slides from Global Azure Bootcamp

April 28th 2017 Azure Visual Studio Speaking

On Saturday the fifth annual Global Azure Bootcamp event was taking place all around the globe. In Slovenia the event was organized in Ljubljana at the premises of the local Microsoft subsidiary. I showcased the Visual Studio integrations for Azure Storage, Application Insights and publishing of ASP.NET Core web applications to App Service on Windows and Linux.

Slides from Visual Studio 2017 Launch Event

March 10th 2017 Visual Studio Docker Speaking

Tuesday was the Visual Studio 2017 release day. To celebrate this occasion, Microsoft organized an official 2-day launch event. It was accompanied by a large number of local events all across the world. One of them was organized in Ljubljana as well. I had a short session there, presenting the most important new features and improvements in Visual Studio 2017.

Slides and Code from My Sessions at Cancel Conference

September 17th 2016 Async C# .NET Speaking

This week the second community organized Cancel conference was taking place in Ljubljana. It spanned over two days. Thursday was the main conference day with 20 sessions grouped in 4 tracks. On Wednesday afternoon preconf was organized at the premises of Microsoft Slovenia. I had my sessions on both days.

Slides and Code from My Sessions at NT Conference

May 20th 2016 Async C# Speaking

It's May again, which means the annual NT Conference was taking place in Portorož at the beginning of this week. This year I had two sessions scheduled, the first one on Monday and the second one on Tuesday.

Resources From My Sessions at TechDays 2015

November 24th 2015 Universal Apps Speaking

Today the first TechDays conference of 2015/2016 took place at the premises of Microsoft in Slovenia. Me and Andrej Tozon, a fellow Slovenian Microsoft MVP, did a track on Windows 10 Universal Apps. He started with 2 overview sessions about what's new and how to migrate existing Windows Store and Windows Phone applications to the new development platform. I followed with a deep dive into 2 more specific topics.

Resources From My Sessions at Cancel Conference

This week the first Cancel conference was taking place in Nova Gorica. I had the last two sessions in one of the development tracks: Diagnostic analyzers in Visual Studio 2015 and Debugging in Visual Studio 2015. Slides and demos are available for download.

Resources From My Sessions at NT Conference

This year I had 2 sessions of my own at NT conference: What's New in C# 6 and Diagnostic analyzers in Visual Studio 2015. Slides and demos for both them are available for download.

Resources from My Visual Studio 2015 Session at TechDays

January 31st 2015 Roslyn NuGet Unit Testing C# Speaking

On Tuesday Microsoft Slovenia organized the second TechDays event leading up to the 20th NT conference. The event consisted of 4 tracks; I had the opening session for the Visual Studio 2015 track. As always slides and demos from my session are available for download.

Slides from My NuGet Session for a Local User Group

September 22nd 2014 NuGet Speaking

I focused on the advantages NuGet brings to the process of managing project references, but also gave a short tutorial on how to create and publish a new NuGet package. I concluded the session by taking a broader look at the NuGet ecosystem and the tools improving it and taking advantage of it.

What's New in Windows 8.1 Update Session at Spring NT Conference

April 10th 2014 Windows Store Speaking

On Wednesday I had my only session at the spring NT conference in Bled this year. I was speaking about the new stuff for developers in Windows 8.1 Update. After a short mention of the universal project, I focused on the changes available only to sideloaded enterprise applications.

Slides and Demos from a Local Windows 8.1 Development Event

March 3rd 2014 MVVM Windows Store Speaking

Last Tuesday the local Microsoft DPE team organized a free event for developers thinking about taking part in the regional Windows 8.1 Developers Contest. It was planned as an effective course for developers not having previous experience with development of Windows Store apps. I presented two sessions at the event.

Windows 8 Sessions at Autumn Part of NT Conference 2014

October 14th 2013 Windows Store Speaking

On Thursday the first day of NT conference 2014 took place in Ljubljana. I had 2 sessions on the client application development track. I opened up the track talking about what's new for Windows Store application development in Windows 8.1. In my next session I focused on development of occasionally connected applications for Windows Store.

Architecture Sessions at NT Conference 2013

At NT conference 2013 I had 3 sessions in 2 different PreCon tracks. Apart from the one on connected apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 I had 2 consecutive ones, both covering the topic of design patterns, focusing on client application development.

Building Connected Apps Session at NT conference 2013

At NT conference 2013 I opened the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Developer Tales from the Tranches PreCon track with a session on Building Connected Apps. I addressed all aspects of network communications, focusing on available APIs but also spending some time on the expectations for mobile applications in respect to network usage.

Windows Store LOB Apps Session at NT Conference 2013

April 27th 2013 Windows Store Speaking

On the final day of NT Conference 2013 I had my last session. This time I was speaking about my experiences with building LOB (line of business) applications for Windows Store.

Developing Windows Store Apps Session at ReBuild 2012

December 11th 2012 Windows Store Speaking

Today our local Microsoft DPE team organized ReBuild, a one day recap of the recent Build conference which was taking place in Redmond a little over a month ago. I had the last session of the day and focused on Windows Store apps: what they were and how to develop them.

Resources from Windows Store App Development Workshop

November 9th 2012 Windows Store Speaking

This weekend a worldwide hackathon for Windows is taking place in over 100 locations. Among them is Ljubljana where the event started with my 3 hour Windows Store app development workshop.

Developing Windows Store Apps with C#, XAML and MVVM Session from Bleeding Edge 2012

October 25th 2012 MVVM Windows Store Speaking

The 5th Bleeding Edge conference was taking place in Laško. For my session I decided to take a different approach to the development of Windows Store apps: instead of talking about the design or the available APIs in WinRT, I focused on architectural best practices when using C#, XAML and the MVVM pattern.

What's New in .NET Framework 4.5 Session from Visual Studio 2012 Bootcamp

On Monday our local Microsoft subsidiary organized Visual Studio 2012 bootcamp as a preconference to Bleeding Edge 2012. For my talk I selected 3 new features in .NET Framework 4.5 that excite me most.

My Portable Class Libraries Presentation at the Visual Studio 2012 Community Launch Event

Yesterday two local development user groups organized a common Visual Studio 2012 Community Launch event. I was one of the four MVPs speaking there. Each one of use prepared a talk on his favorite feature. My topic where Portable Class Libraries.

My Session on Developing Metro Applications for Windows 8 at NT Conference 2012

May 25th 2012 Windows Store Speaking

My second talk at NT konferenca 2012 was all about helping you get started with developing Metro style application for Windows 8 in C#. I've already put the slides in my OneDrive.

My Windows Workflow Foundation in .NET 4.5 Session at NT Conference 2012

On Wednesday I had a talk at NT konferenca 2012 about the changes in Windows Workflow Foundation that we can look forward to in .NET Framework 4.5. The slides from the talk are available in my OneDrive.

Presentation on Reusing Existing Code in Metro Applications at Bleeding Edge 2011

This year's Bleeding Edge conference was taking place this week in the beautiful surroundings of Gozd Martuljek. The second day was dedicated to community driven redelivery of Build. As the last session of the day I had a talk on the aspects of reusing existing .NET framework code in Metro applications for Windows 8.

Windows API Code Pack Presentation at NT Conference 2011

May 28th 2011 Native Interop WPF Speaking

This week the annual Microsoft conference NT konferenca 2011 was taking place in Portorož. On Tuesday I had a talk there about the Windows API Code Pack. As promised, you can find the slides from this talk in my OneDrive.