My Sessions at NT Conference 2018

May 25th 2018 C# Unit Testing .NET Speaking

It's the week of NT Conference 2018 which was taking place from Tuesday till Thursday in Portoro┼ż.

I had two sessions this year. On Tuesday, I had the first session of the day. I talked about a selection of common C# gotchas which can surprise even an experienced C# developer. You can check the slides in my OneDrive and the sample code on BitBucket.

My second session was on Wednesday just before lunch. I explained the benefits of continuous testing and showed how to configure it for a .NET Core project in Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio Code. The fully configured project is published on BitBucket and the slides are available in my OneDrive.

As expected, my first session attracted a larger audience, but even talking about unit testing convinced some of the attendees to leave the keynote early. Thanks to everyone who attended!

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