Posts about Git

Restore file timestamps from Git

April 21st 2023 GitHub Git

Git doesn't restore file timestamps by default. So the file timestamp indicates when the file was cloned locally. And in most cases that's fine. But such a timestamp will prevent you from detecting if a file on a remote server has changed since it was last committed.

Dangers of setting SSH path in Git config

March 18th 2022 Git Windows SSH Visual Studio

Using SSH with Git on Windows mostly works out of the box. The .gitignore file allows a lot of additional configuration. The sshCommand in the core section allows you to specify the path and arguments for the ssh.exe command. However, specifying a path there is mostly asking for trouble.

Changing URLs of Git submodules

April 23rd 2021 Git

I prefer using Git over SSH which makes me a minority in most teams I work with. Fortunately, the way I connect to the repository usually doesn't matter, as all Git hosting services support both HTTPS and SSH. Git repositories with submodules are a different story, though.

Using Git with SSH in Windows 10

February 21st 2020 Git Windows SSH

Although Git can be used over HTTPS with username and password authentication, it's much more convenient to use over SSH. Now that OpenSSH client is included in Windows 10, SSH can be easily set up without any third-party clients.

Sharing Ionic 2 Code Between Projects

April 7th 2017 Ionic 2/3 Angular Git

Ionic 2 includes many components and native wrappers out of the box. However, you will probably want to share some of your own code between projects if you are working on more than one of them and they are at least remotely similar. Since Ionic 2 builds on top of Angular, shared modules are the right tool for the job.

Git SSH Key Management with OpenSSH and Putty

February 10th 2017 Git SSH Putty

In Windows, there are two approaches to accessing Git repositories using SSH. Command line Git distribution and posh-git are preconfigured for OpenSSH, while SourceTree by default relies on PuTTY. The two stacks use different formats for storing both private and public keys. Fortunately, there is a way to convert between the formats using PuTTY's key generation utility.

Continuous Deployment of a DocPad Site to an Azure Web App Using Git

August 2nd 2015 Azure DocPad Git Node.js

In the scope of changing my blogging platform I also decided to switch from self-hosting the blog to hosting it in a Microsoft Azure web app. One of the available features, I want to take advantage of, is continuous deployment from a Git repository at one of the supported repository sites. Of course, the repository only contains the sources for the site, therefore it will need to be built every time the latest version is retrieved from the repository.

Implement Gated Commit Using TeamCity Automatic Merge Feature

July 26th 2015 TeamCity Git

TeamCity has built-in support for gated commit build pattern in the form of pre-tested commits. Unfortunately, to make them work, you need to use a supported IDE or a command line tool. That's why I decided in favor of an alternative approach: automatic merge feature.

Use Git with Pleasure from All Your PowerShell Consoles

October 13th 2014 Git PowerShell ConEmu

Git's default installation only makes it available from com command line in its embedded terminal. As a regular user of ConEmu and PowerShell, I wanted to make it work in my system command prompt with tab completion and credential caching.

Migrating a Subversion Repository to Git

September 16th 2013 Git SVN

I've been using Git instead of Subversion for new projects for a while now, though I left many older ones still active in Subversion. During a recent hardware upgrade I decided not to install Subversion server again, but rather migrate the old projects to Git as well. This post describes the process I have come up with, just in case I ever need it again.

Using Git in Session Demos

July 8th 2013 Git Visual Studio

I often find myself speaking at technical conferences and user group meetings and due to the nature of my sessions, there are usually demos involved. A particular kind of demos I often struggled with to make them work well within a session, are the ones in multiple steps, i.e. they show the same project or solution in different stages of development.

How to Submit a Patch to an Open Source Project on GitHub

July 9th 2012 Git

Lately I am working a lot with SQLite and its .NET client sqlite-net. After discovering a bug and also fixing it in the local files included in the project I am working on I decided to also submit a patch for it. What better reason to finally try out the recently released GitHub for Windows do I need?