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Deploying Additional Files for MSTest Command Line Runner

Whenever I'm developing a non-desktop Windows 8 application I prefer having as much business logic in portable class libraries as possible. The test project can then be a standard .NET class library, allowing mocking frameworks and other helper libraries to be used which are not available elsewhere. Having a dependency on a native platform specific library, such as SQLite, can still complicate things a bit.

DateTime Values in SQLite When Using MvvmCross

July 14th 2014 SQLite MvvmCross

I'm developing an application in MvvmCross, using SQLite for local data storage. I'm taking advantage of MvvmCross SQLite-Net plugin. Recently I stumbled across a very strange behavior, involving a fairly simple table with a DATETIME column. It turns out, SQLite's handling of DateTime values is quite strange.

Sqlite Only Executes the First Statement in a Command

April 22nd 2014 SQLite MvvmCross

In sqlite-net only the first statement in a command is actually executed. The remainder is silently ignored. In most cases you won't notice that when using sqlite-net. You will either use its micro ORM layer or execute individual statements. The only common exception that comes to mind, is trying to execute DDL or migration scripts which are typically multi statement batches.