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Using NuGet in Visual Studio Tools for Unity

May 23rd 2015 NuGet Unity Visual Studio

Visual Studio Tools for Unity enable the convenience of developing Unity scripts inside Visual Studio. A naive attempt to install a random NuGet package into the UnityVS project will still most likely fail. To make it work, the NuGet package will need to comply with special requirements. Even then, there will still be some manual work left.

Book Review: Unity 4 Game Development HOTSHOT

October 17th 2014 Unity Game Development Review Book

If you know your way around Unity, the book will probably teach you a couple of very specific advanced techniques; just don't expect to gain much general knowledge about 2D and 3D graphics, AI and shaders, or you'll be disappointed.

Book Review: OUYA Game Development by Example

I can sincerely recommend the book to anyone, trying to get a glimpse into the world of game development. It can really only serve as the first step on the path to becoming a game developer, but it's definitely enough to see if that's something for you and worth exploring further.