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Versions of source generator dependencies

October 14th 2022 Roslyn Visual Studio

When referencing NuGet packages of third-party libraries, you usually want to use the latest stable version available. But you probably should not do that with Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp if you are developing your own source generator. Otherwise, you unnecessarily limit the versions of Visual Studio in which your source generator will work.

Compiling and Executing Code in a C# App

August 2nd 2019 Roslyn .NET .NET Framework

Since the release of Roslyn, the complete C# compiler pipeline is available as a NuGet package and we can include it in our own application. I was wondering how difficult it would be to use it to compile some C# source code into an executable and run it.

Resources From My Sessions at Cancel Conference

This week the first Cancel conference was taking place in Nova Gorica. I had the last two sessions in one of the development tracks: Diagnostic analyzers in Visual Studio 2015 and Debugging in Visual Studio 2015. Slides and demos are available for download.

Resources From My Sessions at NT Conference

This year I had 2 sessions of my own at NT conference: What's New in C# 6 and Diagnostic analyzers in Visual Studio 2015. Slides and demos for both them are available for download.

Quick Guide to Unit Testing Diagnostic Analyzers

Effective development of diagnostic analyzers strongly depends on unit testing. Debugging diagnostic analyzers requires a second instance of Visual Studio to be started which will host the debugged analyzer as an extension. This takes far too long for being useful during development, therefore using tests instead is a must.

Setting Up Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6 for Diagnostic Analyzer Development

April 19th 2015 Diagnostic Analyzer Roslyn VSIX

Diagnostic analyzers are a new extension point in Visual Studio 2015, performing source code analysis both at compile time and inside Visual Studio during development. I've created a complete list of software, which is required for you to start developing your own diagnostic analyzers.

Resources from My Visual Studio 2015 Session at TechDays

January 31st 2015 Roslyn NuGet Unit Testing C# Speaking

On Tuesday Microsoft Slovenia organized the second TechDays event leading up to the 20th NT conference. The event consisted of 4 tracks; I had the opening session for the Visual Studio 2015 track. As always slides and demos from my session are available for download.