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Migrating a Subversion Repository to Git

September 16th 2013 Git SVN

I've been using Git instead of Subversion for new projects for a while now, though I left many older ones still active in Subversion. During a recent hardware upgrade I decided not to install Subversion server again, but rather migrate the old projects to Git as well. This post describes the process I have come up with, just in case I ever need it again.

Using PowerShell Scripts in VisualSVN Hooks

July 15th 2012 PowerShell SVN

Hooks in Subversion can be used to execute custom logic before or after certain actions in repository: commit, lock, unlock and revision property change. They are defined by specifying a batch script that gets executed at that point. In my particular case I wanted to use a PowerShell script before commit to prevent certain files being committed to the repository.

Peculiarities of Subversion Path Based Authorization

February 18th 2012 SVN Administration

If you're using Subversion in a corporate environment you might need to rely on path based authentication to revoke users' read or write access to parts of a repository. Unfortunately the feature is not documented very well and there are a couple of specifics you should be aware of in advance to prevent unpleasant surprises later. I decided to describe two of them that I recently stumbled upon.

Using CruiseControl.NET as a Source Control Monitor

January 21st 2012 CruiseControl.NET SVN

The more there are developers committing changes to the project source code and the more distributed they are, the more challenging it becomes to keep track of all the changes. Introducing a source control monitor notifying code owners of changes can be a good way to reduce this risk. Although there are dedicated tools available for this task, this post introduces a simple way to use your existing CruiseControl.NET setup for this task.

Setting Up SVN and CC.NET for .NET Development

Subversion and CruiseControl.NET can be invaluable tools in your .NET development process. There are many resources available to help you get started which I'll try to gather in this post along with some of my personal experiences.