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Slides from my MakeIT 2019 Session

October 18th 2019 Architectural patterns Speaking

MakeIT is the yearly conference of the local Java community. I usually don't even consider speaking there but when the call for papers was announced for this year, I was in the middle of preparing my session about microservices for Global Azure Bootcamp 2019. Since the session focused on the architectural patterns and was mostly technology agnostic, I decided to submit it for MakeIT 2019 as well.

Slides and Code from NT Conference 2019

Yesterday the NT Conference 2019 concluded in Portoro┼ż. This year I had three sessions there. On Tuesday, I talked about the new language features in C# 8. On Wednesday, I repeated my session about application architecture from this year's Global Azure Bootcamp. My final session on Thursday was about global tools in .NET Core.

Resources from Global Azure Bootcamp 2019

It was Global Azure Bootcamp time again last Saturday and for the third time in a row I was attending the Slovenian one as a speaker. This time, my session was not about a specific technology or tool. Instead, I dived into application architecture. The microservices hype has been my pet peeve for a while and I wanted to share my opinion about it with the attendees.