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Xamarin.Forms FlyoutHeader and iOS safe area

February 19th 2021 Xamarin iOS

In Xamarin.Forms Shell, the flyout header is always positioned at the top of the flyout even if not all menu items fit on the screen and scrolling is required. It's a great place to show an application logo or the avatar of the logged-in user. On iOS, it is by default rendered in the safe area, making sure that it is not obscured by the device notch or the status bar.

Testing Ionic Apps on iOS with Serve

January 31st 2020 Ionic 4+ Windows iOS

The Safari browser has a tendency to render pages differently than Chrome. Troubleshooting such cases in Ionic apps and testing potential fixes can be time consuming, especially when developing on Windows. Building the app on the build server and having it deployed via TestFlight can make the feedback loop really long. I managed to make it shorter by opening the page served from my development machine in the mobile Safari browser.

Using iPad as a Secondary Display

December 21st 2018 iOS DirectX

Having multiple displays on a computer is a huge productivity boost for me. With two displays connected both to my dock both in the office and at home, most of my needs are covered. But for a long time, the built-in display on my laptop had to be enough while traveling. At least until I saw a friend of mine using his iPad as the second display.

Order of Cordova Plugins Matters

July 28th 2017 Cordova iOS

I was convinced that it doesn't matter in what order plugins are added to a Cordova project. However, I recently encountered an issue with unexpected entries in iOS Info.plist file, which turned out to be caused by incorrect order of plugins in config.xml file.

Book Review: Swift Essentials

February 14th 2015 Swift iOS Book Review

The book is actually a step by step guide to iOS development in Swift for complete beginners. By the end of it the readers should have enough knowledge to write their first simple iOS application even without any previous experience.