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Token permissions for GitHub Actions

May 6th 2022 GitHub

GitHub Actions provide a default GITHUB_TOKEN that can be used by steps in your workflow that require access to your GitHub repository. However, some actions require more permissions than others.

Blog post publishing with GitHub Actions

January 28th 2022 GitHub

For quite some time I have been regularly publishing new blog posts every Friday morning. I have the code for my blog in a GitHub repository. Each unpublished blog post that I have prepared in advance is in its own branch. To publish it, I just need to merge it with the main branch, which triggers the GitHub workflow I set up to deploy the blog. But while this does not take much time, I finally decided to look for ways to automate this last step.

Simplify common operations with GitHub CLI

October 8th 2021 GitHub

Most of my blog posts have an accompanying GitHub repository with sample source code. On average, I create one such new repository per week, and they all share most of their configuration options. I looked at several options for automating repository creation to speed it up and reduce the likelihood of misconfigurations due to human error. The option I liked best was GitHub CLI and its alias command.

Migrating from CircleCI to GitHub Actions

Since the introduction of GitHub Actions there's often no need any more to use an external CI/CD service. After I moved my blog repository from BitBucket to GitHub it was time to move my continuous deployment configuration from CircleCI to GitHub Actions as well.