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ASP.NET MVC Project Build Failure When Switching Between Configurations

After I set up multiple different configurations for my ASP.NET project with different .config file transformations for different environments, a build error started showing up every time I changed to a different configuration. The issue could be resolved by manually deleting a file from obj folder, but I soon got tired of this and decided to investigate further.

Architecture Sessions at NT Conference 2013

At NT conference 2013 I had 3 sessions in 2 different PreCon tracks. Apart from the one on connected apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 I had 2 consecutive ones, both covering the topic of design patterns, focusing on client application development.

Be Aware of DefaultModelBinder Conventions

December 1st 2011 ASP.NET MVC

DefaultModelBinder is an essential piece of ASP.NET MVC framework which makes writing strongly typed actions really simple. In spite of its strengths it can still introduce hard to solve problems in your code.