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How can a POST request become a GET?

August 13th 2021 HTTP .NET

Recently I solved a problem with a POST request that failed with a 405 error (Method Not Allowed), even though there was only a POST endpoint at the requested URL. After solving the problem, I found it interesting enough to reproduce it and wrote a post about it.

How to Return Additional Info with HTTP Error Status Codes

December 30th 2013 HTTP ASP.NET Web API WCF

HTTP protocol defines status codes as the means of informing the client about different error conditions on the server, but it can be beneficial to include additional information about the error. The best approach to it depends on the scenario.

Showing POST Response in a WebView Control

June 10th 2013 HTTP Windows Store

In the world of connected applications programmatic HTTP requests are more and more common. In Windows Store applications HttpClient class serves most purposes as long as communication is targeted at services or at least the results are processed programmatically and don't need to be shown directly to the user.

Last Modification Time of a Web Page

September 7th 2006 HTTP .NET Framework

The following code returns the time when a web resource was last modified. Maybe it will be useful to someone.