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Troubleshooting a XAML error in WPF

September 23rd 2022 XAML WPF .NET

I recently helped troubleshoot a WPF application that was causing an unhandled exception. I thought the process of identifying and fixing the problem might be useful to others and decided to describe it in this post.

Multibinding in Universal Windows Apps

February 21st 2016 Universal Apps XAML

There are a lot of features in WPF that are not available in other XAML dialects, such as the latest one for Universal Windows applications. One of them is multibinding, which allows binding of multiple view model properties to a single dependency property of a WPF control. Fortunately, there is a third party library available which makes this possible in UWP apps as well.

Compile Error: 'ResourceDictionary' Root Element Is a Generic Type

February 22nd 2015 WPF XAML Build Error

ResourceDictionary is not a generic type, hence the above error makes no sense. Still, you can encounter it in a WPF project if certain conditions are met. The post describes these conditions and suggests the workarounds I know of to get rid of this bogus error message.

Unable to Activate Windows Metro Style Application

March 26th 2012 XAML Windows Store

Probably the most interesting error I had to troubleshoot since I started developing my first Windows Metro application happened to me after doing some restructuring and cleaning up of the existing code base.