Posts about CruiseControl.NET

Using TeamCity for Website Deployment

After a hardware upgrade I decided to switch from CruiseControl.NET to TeamCity for my personal continuous integration server to see for myself how they compare. Since I don't have all that many active projects, the free Professional Server License is a great option to try out all of the features without paying for it. At the same time it should give me enough insight to see whether it has enough advantages over free alternative(s) for the investment to make sense in a larger environment.

Compiling Visual C++ 2010 Projects on a Build Server

Last week I was configuring the build server to compile its first Visual C++ 2010 project. I took the approach of using MsBuild on the project file (.vcxproj) as I am already doing it with the .NET projects. This worked just fine on my development machine with Visual Studio 2010 installed. It soon turned out not to be as easy as I expected it to be.

Using CruiseControl.NET as a Source Control Monitor

January 21st 2012 CruiseControl.NET SVN

The more there are developers committing changes to the project source code and the more distributed they are, the more challenging it becomes to keep track of all the changes. Introducing a source control monitor notifying code owners of changes can be a good way to reduce this risk. Although there are dedicated tools available for this task, this post introduces a simple way to use your existing CruiseControl.NET setup for this task.

Using FTP Task in CruiseControl.NET for Publishing Websites

Since version 1.5 CruiseControl.NET includes an FTP Task which can be used for uploading build results to a remote FTP server. Configuring it correctly requires some thought and at the moment there are very few helpful resources available.

Avoiding Queue Starvation in CruiseControl.NET

July 28th 2010 CruiseControl.NET

Recently I've been solving some issues with queue starvation in CruiseControl.NET. Since I haven't found much information about this problem I've decided to round up my findings in this blog post.

Setting Up SVN and CC.NET for .NET Development

Subversion and CruiseControl.NET can be invaluable tools in your .NET development process. There are many resources available to help you get started which I'll try to gather in this post along with some of my personal experiences.

Creating Custom Tasks for CruiseControl.NET

Once you start putting CruiseControl.NET to production use you'll sooner or later encounter the need for custom build tasks. Unfortunately there is not much information available on development of custom tasks.

MSBuild.xsl Problem in CruiseControl.NET 1.3

The build of CruiseControl.NET has an error in `msbuild.xsl` file which causes an XslLoadException to be thrown when trying to view the MSBuild output in the web dashboard.