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July 9th 2001 Application Amiga

TV-Logo is a program for displaying logotypes of TV stations. To use it you only need a plain Amiga and a genlock to compose the Amiga output with the TV signal. The program offers easy switching among ten different source pictures for logotypes, ten preset logos available at a touch of a button and several other useful features.


December 29th 2000 Amiga Blitz Basic Game Development

BallMaster is a puzzle game with a simple basic idea and (hopefully) addictive gameplay. It is based on an old game named Logical. This game tries to bring its idea to newer Amiga hardware and also tries to extend the original game with some new ideas.

Blitz Basic Routines

September 17th 2000 Blitz Basic Amiga

Blitz Basic is a simple but powerful programming language for Amiga. I've published some routines and techniques which might be of use to anyone who is still doing Amiga development in Blitz Basic.

Forgotten Mine

July 2nd 2000 Amiga Game Development

I have designed over 100 levels for Emerald Mines - a quality Amiga port of 8-bit gaming hit Boulderdash. You can download them for free. If you don't have an Amiga, you can use an Amiga emulator instead.