December 29th 2000 Amiga Blitz Basic Game Development

BallMaster screenshot

BallMaster is a puzzle game with a simple basic idea and (hopefully) addictive gameplay. It can be easily learned to play without long manuals and instructions.

It is based on an old game named Logical which works only on Amigas with 68000 processor and Kickstart 1.3. This game tries to bring its idea to newer Amiga hardware and also tries to extend the original game with some new ideas. To play it on Windows or other non-Amiga OS, an emulator is needed.

The game features are:

  • OS friendly
  • 256 colour AGA graphics
  • 64 colour extra half bright ECS graphics
  • 100 levels
  • password access to every 5th level
  • numerous game elements
  • mouse controlled

I released the source code and all the development resources under the terms of GNU General Public License as I don't have time to work on the game any more. You are invited to download the source (written in Blitz Basic 2) and continue development yourself. Additional information can be found in the source archive.

Files available for download:

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