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Redirection from Namespaced Controllers in Grails

March 19th 2016 Grails

Post requests in web applications can often confuse less technically savvy users and in the worst case even cause inconsistent data if a non-idempotent post request is repeated. Post/Redirect/Get is the design pattern that's typically used to avoid most of the undesired side effects of post requests. Of course, the pattern can easily be implemented in Grails, as well. Though, when using namespaced controllers, things can get a bit more complicated.

Accessing Application Files from Code in Grails

March 13th 2016 Grails

In web applications, server-side code will sometimes need access to additional external resources, such as font files, certificates etc. If you want to distribute them as part of your application, the path to the corresponding files will need to be determined at runtime, as it depends on the deployment location. As far as I could determine, there are two options, where to put such files.

Don't Overwrite Plugin Assets with Your Own

December 13th 2015 Grails Asset Pipeline

Grails web application framework does a great job at taking care of the plumbing, without the developer having to know about all the details. Grails Asset Pipeline plugin follows the same general approach in doing the processing of static assets, such as JavaScript and CSS files. However, not knowing about the implementation details can become a problem, when troubleshooting issues that arise because of them.