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OAuth login in desktop apps

December 29th 2023 OAuth WPF .NET

To authenticate to an OAuth identity provider from a desktop app, the authorization code flow should be used. To implement it, you will have to host a web view control in your application.

Troubleshooting a XAML error in WPF

September 23rd 2022 XAML WPF .NET

I recently helped troubleshoot a WPF application that was causing an unhandled exception. I thought the process of identifying and fixing the problem might be useful to others and decided to describe it in this post.

Detecting highlighted dropdown item in WPF

October 29th 2021 WPF

I am not doing much WPF development lately. When I was recently tasked with helping with a feature, I had to refresh my memory a bit about bindings and attached properties. These notes are intended as a future reference for me, but they might be helpful for others as well.

Compile Error: 'ResourceDictionary' Root Element Is a Generic Type

February 22nd 2015 WPF XAML Build Error

ResourceDictionary is not a generic type, hence the above error makes no sense. Still, you can encounter it in a WPF project if certain conditions are met. The post describes these conditions and suggests the workarounds I know of to get rid of this bogus error message.

Exposing FluentValidation Results over IDataErrorInfo

IDataErrorInfo interface is really handy when implementing data validation in WPF. There are many different ways to implement IDataErrorInfo for a DataContext. But since I've recently become quite fond of FluentValidation library for implementing validators, I'm going to focus on using it in this post.

Book Review: Telerik WPF Controls Tutorial

May 5th 2014 Telerik WPF Review Book

What could have been a show case of designing great UI featuring Telerik's controls with recommended best practices and usage patterns, turned out to only be a shallow overview of a small subset of available controls, interspersed with random opinionated half accurate information.

Creating Converters in MvvmCross

MvvmCross is a MVVM framework for XAML platforms, similar to Caliburn Micro and MvvmLight. Unlike its competition it very much focuses on portability and code reuse across all supported XAML platforms (WPF, Windows Phone and Windows Store), and the Xamarin platforms as well (Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.Mac). Therefore it has its own approach to creating converters, allowing them to be implemented in a portable class library and reused on all supported platforms.

Architecture Sessions at NT Conference 2013

At NT conference 2013 I had 3 sessions in 2 different PreCon tracks. Apart from the one on connected apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 I had 2 consecutive ones, both covering the topic of design patterns, focusing on client application development.

Book Review: Windows Presentation Foundation 4.5 Cookbook

December 16th 2012 WPF Review Book

In spite of all my previous experience with WPF, I've learned a couple of new tricks while reading it. I'm sure I'll be returning to it from time to time to read up on certain details.

My Portable Class Libraries Presentation at the Visual Studio 2012 Community Launch Event

Yesterday two local development user groups organized a common Visual Studio 2012 Community Launch event. I was one of the four MVPs speaking there. Each one of use prepared a talk on his favorite feature. My topic where Portable Class Libraries.

Windows API Code Pack Presentation at NT Conference 2011

May 28th 2011 Native Interop WPF Speaking

This week the annual Microsoft conference NT konferenca 2011 was taking place in Portoro┼ż. On Tuesday I had a talk there about the Windows API Code Pack. As promised, you can find the slides from this talk in my OneDrive.