Architecture Sessions at NT Conference 2013

At NT conference 2013 I had 3 sessions in 2 different PreCon tracks. Apart from the one on connected apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 I had 2 consecutive ones, both covering the topic of design patterns, focusing on client application development.

In the first one I was comparing the three main approaches to developing user interfaces: MVP (Model-View-Presenter), MVC (Model-View-Controller) and MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel). Here are the slides and the sample apps.

In the second one I took the WPF sample app for MVVM design pattern from the previous session and modified it for injecting dependencies using an IoC container, arguing why this is useful and generally a good thing. Slides and samples from this session are available for download as well.

You can also find all my slides and samples at the conference web site.

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