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Hide endpoints for disabled features in OpenAPI

June 7th 2024 OpenAPI ASP.NET Core

The .NET Feature Management libraries are great for toggling the availability of ASP.NET Web API endpoints with feature flags. Unfortunately, such endpoints will still show up in the generated OpenAPI specification even when the feature flag is disabled. To hide them, you need to implement a custom filter for Swashbuckle.

OpenAPI docs for models from another assembly

March 29th 2024 OpenAPI ASP.NET Core .NET

By default, the OpenAPI specification created by Swashbuckle for ASP.NET Core web API doesn't include the descriptions for endpoints and models from XML comments. There are step-by-step instructions how to add them in the documentation, but even then there will be no descriptions for models from other assemblies.

ASP.NET Core nullable route params in Swagger

July 22nd 2022 OpenAPI ASP.NET Core

I recently had an issue with optional route parameters in ASP.NET Core Web API not showing as such in the Open API specification generated by Swashbuckle. The most comprehensive source of information I could find on this issue was a blog post, which I used as a basis for further research.

Generating Swagger Client-side Code

The biggest advantage of having a formal description for a RESTful API is the ability to programmatically generate client-side code for calling the service. Unfortunately, it turned out that Swagger tooling still leaves much to be desired, at least for generating TypeScript Angular code.