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Detecting Camera Permission Dialog in Browser

September 1st 2017 HTML 5 JavaScript Web Analytics

When trying to capture camera video from browser using MediaDevices.getUserMedia, user consent is required. On first call the browser will show a dialog to the user who can either allow or block access to the camera. It might be useful to have some analytical data for your application on how many users blocked the camera access, but unfortunately there's no direct way to detect from code when the dialog was shown and how the user answered.

Google Analytics Send Timeout in Ionic

August 25th 2017 Web Analytics Ionic 2/3

If you want to use Google Analytics as the analytics tool for your Ionic mobile application or progressive web application (PWA), there's an Ionic Native wrapper available for the Cordova plugin with support for mobile platforms as well as the browser (web) platform. Unfortunately, it consistently threw errors for me, when I tried to send a screenview event for the entry page.

How to Configure AWStats for Windows and IIS

January 5th 2015 AWStats IIS Web Analytics

AWStats is one of the most popular tools for generating web site statistics from server logs. I've recently set it up on my Windows web server to generate statistics for my blog. This post contains the required steps to make it work.