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Reusing parts of XAML with Xamarin.Forms

January 15th 2021 Xamarin

Custom controls are the most common way for reusing parts of markup in Xamarin.Forms. When displaying collections, data templates can often serve as a simpler alternative with less overhead. For displaying individual objects, control templates can be used instead.

Dangers of referencing elements by name

December 11th 2020 Xamarin

When following the MVVM pattern and using a view model for a Xamarin.Forms page, most of the bindings will simply bind to the view model properties. However, there are still cases when that's not enough and a reference by name to another element is required.

Custom Picker Renderer on Android

December 4th 2020 Xamarin

The default Picker view for Android in Xamarin.Forms includes an underline. To get rid of it, a custom renderer is required. However, the new control might have another undesired side effect in rendering.

Disable a button with command in Xamarin.Forms

November 27th 2020 Xamarin

The Button view has an IsEnabled property that can be used to disable it. However, when a command is bound to it, the button is initially enabled no matter the value of the IsEnabled property. This can introduce a subtle bug that's not always easy to notice.

Toggle password entry in Xamarin.Forms

November 20th 2020 Xamarin

The Xamarin.Forms Entry view has a flag for password input. However, there's no built-in way to allow the user to look at the password to make sure it was entered correctly. This is becoming a norm in mobile applications. Fortunately, it's not too difficult to implement.

Using Font Awesome in Xamarin.Forms

November 13th 2020 Xamarin

Font Awesome is a great collection of icons packaged in a font file. There are multiple blog posts about using them or other custom fonts in a Xamarin.Forms application. But at the rate Xamarin.Forms are evolving, none of them is fully accurate anymore. So I decided to document the steps I followed to get it working in my project.

Busy Overlay in Xamarin.Forms

November 6th 2020 Xamarin

During long-running blocking operations such as login, the application UI should be disabled and the user should get visual feedback that some processing is in progress. Although there is an ActivityIndicator in Xamarin.Forms, there's no easy built-in way to create an overlay.

Login Flow in Xamarin.Forms Shell

October 30th 2020 Xamarin

If you create a new Xamarin.Forms Shell project based on the Flyout template, it's already going to include some boilerplate for the login process. To make it work for my use case, I had to make some improvements to it.

Matching Generic Type Arguments with Moq

June 5th 2020 Moq Unit Testing Xamarin

The Moq mocking library in version 4.13.0 added support for matching generic type arguments when mocking generic methods. The documentation doesn't go into much detail but thanks to additional information in IntelliSense tooltips and the originating GitHub issue I managed to quickly resolve the no implicit reference conversion error which I encountered at first.

Book Review: Enterprise Application Patterns Using Xamarin.Forms

May 29th 2020 Xamarin MVVM Book Review

The Enterprise Application Patterns using Xamarin.Forms book by David Britch is available as a free download on the Microsoft's .NET Architecture Guides website. It's a good introduction to MVVM. It can also serve as a refresher for someone with past MVVM experience who hasn't worked with Xamarin.Forms before. Although the sample code uses Xamarin.Forms, it's almost just as useful to WPF and UWP developers.

Book Review: Xamarin Mobile Application Development for Android

April 27th 2014 Xamarin Android Review Book

The book is a great first step into the world of Xamarin.Android for a seasoned .NET C# developer with no previous development experience on Android. It's definitely enough to get you started and makes it much easier to decide whether this is the right way to build Android applications or not.