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HTTPS in TeamCity with Let's Encrypt Certificate

January 20th 2017 TeamCity Let's Encrypt PowerShell IIS

When exposing your TeamCity build server to the internet, you'll want to use HTTPS so that users won't have to send their passwords over an unencrypted connection. Thanks to Let's Encrypt, you can now get the SSL certificate for free, but there is still some work involved to get everything configured correctly.

Deploying ASP.NET Core RC1 Application to IIS

February 14th 2016 ASP.NET Core IIS Visual Studio

If you're used to the old ASP.NET, it's not all that obvious how to deploy an ASP.NET Core application to IIS. Although, there is documentation available for the process, I still struggled a bit, before I got everything working. This post contains the steps I had to take, so that I can simply follow them the next time. At least, until something changes again with one of the future releases.

URL Rewrite Rules for DasBlog Month and Date Pages

September 20th 2015 DasBlog IIS

Redirecting old URLs to their new counterparts is an important part of restructuring an existing web site or migrating it to a new engine. In a previous blog post I've already described, how I kept all permalinks working after the migration. I didn't want to create full rewrite maps for redirecting month and date pages; creating a more generic rule made much more sense in this case.

Creating Rewrite Maps for Redirecting Old DasBlog URLs After Migration

After successfully migrating the content from the old DasBlog site to the new DocPad based one, it was time to generate permanent redirects of old URLs to new ones. Since the site is going to be hosted in Azure, I decided to use the URL Rewrite module - rewrite maps to be exact; because I need to map a large number of individual URLs, which can't be covered by a generic rule.

Hosting Font Awesome (or Other Web Fonts) in Azure

August 8th 2015 Web Fonts IIS Azure

I recently deployed my new web site to an Azure web app for the first time. The site seemed to load correctly, but a closer inspection with Fiddler revealed a couple of 404 errors. Font Awesome web font files appeared to be missing, although they were present on the web server, but by default files with .woff2 and .woff extensions are not served.

How to Configure AWStats for Windows and IIS

January 5th 2015 AWStats IIS Web Analytics

AWStats is one of the most popular tools for generating web site statistics from server logs. I've recently set it up on my Windows web server to generate statistics for my blog. This post contains the required steps to make it work.

Connecting to Local IIS Express Server from WP8 Emulator

January 13th 2014 Windows Phone IIS Administration

If you're developing a Windows Phone 8 application which doesn't only connect to public web services to get its data, but also communicates with you own custom web service, you'll want to be able to connect to it from the Windows Phone Emulator with as little hassle as possible. Usually that means that you'll want it to connect to your local IIS Express server.

WCF: IIS Hosting, Windows Authentication and File Permissions

July 25th 2012 WCF IIS Administration

Troubleshooting WCF services is often challenging, mostly because of cryptic and uninformative error messages. When you combine that with complex usage and configuration scenarios, it takes time to get to the bottom of the problem. The issue I'm about to describe manifested itself on a production server running a WCF service with HttpModule based Windows authentication. Other authentication methods worked fine, while with Windows authentication WCF returned a rather cryptic error message.

Worker Process Group in IIS 6

May 19th 2007 IIS Administration

Any custom identity being used for an application pool in Internet Information Services 6.0 must be a member of the IIS_WPG group which grants it all the necessary privileges, otherwise IIS reports only Service Unavailable when the site gets accessed.

Downloading Template Files from Web Server

June 10th 2006 DasBlog IIS

While IIS 6 in Windows 2003 prevents the download of files with unknown extensions by default, IIS 5.1 in Windows XP allows downloading such files. This might be something you want to prevent.

Redirecting Web Pages to Specific Addresses

January 19th 2006 IIS ASP.NET

A web site redesign caused the structure to change, thus the old addresses become invalid. Since you don't want the users to get the dreaded error 404: Object not found, there are a couple of options available to you.