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Performance comparison of Regex in .NET

April 12th 2024 C# .NET BenchmarkDotNet

If you've used regular expressions a lot in .NET, you most likely already know that by using the Compiled option you can improve the run time performance a lot at the cost of higher initialization time. What you might not know is that since .NET 7 you can use a source generator instead to avoid that initialization cost.

IAsyncEnumerable performance benefits

February 9th 2024 C# .NET BenchmarkDotNet

Asynchronous streams (i.e., the IAsyncEnumerable interface) were one of the new features in C# 8. However, it didn't get as much attention as some others. Even today, the feature is rarely used and not well known among C# developers, although it can make the code faster and easier to understand in some cases.