Posts about IntelliJ IDEA

Showing keyboard shortcuts in IDE

I recently attended an online presentation on how to effectively use Visual Studio Code. The presenter did a great job of explaining the keyboard shortcuts he used. It would have been even easier for him if he had turned on screencast mode to show the keyboard shortcuts and the actions triggered in the editor. He was very excited when I told him about it after the presentation. I decided to do some research on similar features in other editors I use regularly.

Docker config for PHP development

After a long break, I had to do some maintenance work on an old PHP project again and this time I did not like the idea of installing the tooling natively on my new development machine. I decided to rather configure a Docker image and run the project in it.

Debugging PHP with IntelliJ IDEA

April 26th 2019 IntelliJ IDEA PHP Debugging

I haven't done much PHP development, but occasionally I still need to read or write some PHP code. The latest reason for this was a CMS site for a local community organization I'm administering. I was asked to modify its template to show a different logo based on where in the sitemap the current page is located. How hard could it be?

Unicode Properties Files in IntelliJ IDEA

November 16th 2018 IntelliJ IDEA Java

In Java, .properties files are by default saved in ISO-8859-1 encoding. Since many languages use characters not included in this encoding, these characters will need to be expressed using Unicode escape sequences. Fortunately, IntelliJ IDEA can automatically handle conversion between the Unicode literals and their corresponding escape sequences, but the feature is not enabled by default.