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Playing DivX and XviD Videos Natively on Xbox 360

December 31st 2007 Xbox 360 Administration Windows

The Xbox 360 Dashboard update released on 4th December 2007 added support for playing DivX and XviD videos natively. Unfortunately this only works for media played directly from the dashboard and not within Media Center Extender. The only thing left to do was to setup Windows Media Player media sharing.

Antivirus Applications and Media Center MPEG Streaming

March 10th 2007 Xbox 360 Antivirus Windows

One of the first tasks on my to-do list after buying a new computer with Vista Home Premium edition was setting up Media Center Extender for Xbox 360 along with Transcode 360 to make my Xbox 360 a true multimedia device. Unfortunately the problems started immediately after setting up the Media Center Extender on my PC: MPEG streaming resulted in errors.