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Use AccessFIX to Restore Deleted Data in Access Files and More

Microsoft Access is an often overlooked part of Microsoft Office, but this doesn't stop it from still playing a mission critical role in some companies. In such cases AccessFIX can be a life saver when important data gets deleted or the database gets corrupted and there's no backup available.


March 3rd 2003 Application Windows

I wrote my own application for managing the personal recipe collection. It features nice printouts, extensive search capabilities and simple entering of new recipes. It's only available with a Slovenian user interface.


July 9th 2001 Application Amiga

TV-Logo is a program for displaying logotypes of TV stations. To use it you only need a plain Amiga and a genlock to compose the Amiga output with the TV signal. The program offers easy switching among ten different source pictures for logotypes, ten preset logos available at a touch of a button and several other useful features.