Posts about AWStats

Running AWStats on Demand with Docker

March 8th 2019 Docker AWStats

Although I'm hosting my blog in Azure, I have a local instance of AWStats configured for analyzing the server logs. Since I'm only looking at the statistics a few times a year at most, I don't really need to have AWStats running all the time on my local server. What if I could just run it on demand when I need it instead? Docker seemed a perfect tool for the job.

Reconfiguring Local AWStats for Azure Web App

October 5th 2015 PowerShell AWStats Azure

When I moved my blog to Azure, I broke the AWStats statistics, which I had configured, when I was still hosting the blog myself. Almost a month after the move it was about time to get it working again.

How to Configure AWStats for Windows and IIS

January 5th 2015 AWStats IIS Web Analytics

AWStats is one of the most popular tools for generating web site statistics from server logs. I've recently set it up on my Windows web server to generate statistics for my blog. This post contains the required steps to make it work.