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Running Code Analyzers on Build Server

The introduction of diagnostic analyzers in Visual Studio 2015 significantly lowered the bar for development of custom static code analyzers. The supporting infrastructure makes it easy to have the same static analysis run after every commit as part of continuous integration on your build server - you just need to configure your Visual Studio projects correctly.

Resources From My Sessions at Cancel Conference

This week the first Cancel conference was taking place in Nova Gorica. I had the last two sessions in one of the development tracks: Diagnostic analyzers in Visual Studio 2015 and Debugging in Visual Studio 2015. Slides and demos are available for download.

Resources From My Sessions at NT Conference

This year I had 2 sessions of my own at NT conference: What's New in C# 6 and Diagnostic analyzers in Visual Studio 2015. Slides and demos for both them are available for download.

Quick Guide to Unit Testing Diagnostic Analyzers

Effective development of diagnostic analyzers strongly depends on unit testing. Debugging diagnostic analyzers requires a second instance of Visual Studio to be started which will host the debugged analyzer as an extension. This takes far too long for being useful during development, therefore using tests instead is a must.

Setting Up Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6 for Diagnostic Analyzer Development

April 19th 2015 Diagnostic Analyzer Roslyn VSIX

Diagnostic analyzers are a new extension point in Visual Studio 2015, performing source code analysis both at compile time and inside Visual Studio during development. I've created a complete list of software, which is required for you to start developing your own diagnostic analyzers.