Resources From My Sessions at NT Conference

After a 2-year pause NT conference moved back to its traditional location - Portoro┼ż. This year I had 2 sessions of my own, both of them on Wednesday. I was also a guest on two panels about software architecture: the Architecture panel on Tuesday evening and the Anti-patterns in architecture panel on Wednesday evening. Thanks to their hosts for inviting me and for moderating the discussion.

My first session was in the early morning hours was the first session of the day: What's New in C# 6. I demoed each of the changes in C# 6 by modifying the code as it had to be written in C# 5, by using the new C# 6 features. Both the slides and the demo project are available for download.

Immediately after lunch it was time for my second session: Diagnostic analyzers in Visual Studio 2015. I explained what they are, why they can be used and how to develop your own. Again, slides and the demo project are available for download. For even more information you might want want to check my previous blog posts on the subject, which I have written while preparing for the session: about setting up the development environment and unit testing.

A big thank you to everyone who attended my sessions. You were a great audience with engaging questions.

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