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Solving Puzzle Geocaches Programmatically

November 1st 2019 Geocaching GPS

Puzzle geocaches often require some calculations to determine the final coordinates. That's particularly common in GeoArt trails. Although some of these trails can be quite long, I had always solved them manually. Until I encountered the Pirate Cruise trails near Split in Croatia, that is. Almost 500 caches requiring geodetic calculations were too many to do by hand. I decided to find a way to automate the calculations.

Free Hiking Maps for Garmin GPS Devices

December 1st 2017 Maps Garmin GPS

For several years now Garmin Oregon 600 has been my trusty companion when I go hiking or geocaching. To take full advantage of it, you also need good topographic maps for your region. You can buy them from Garmin, but they are not always very accurate and up-to-date. Since I learned about the free OpenStreetMap based alternative Freizeitkarte, I never looked back.

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools Decimal Separator Problem

June 15th 2008 GPS Windows

After taking my new hand-held GPS device for a test run, I decided to use Microsoft Pro Photo Tools which have just been released with geotagging as its main feature. Unfortunately it had problems loading my GPS data from GPX XML format.