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Truncated JSON response from web API

November 5th 2021 ASP.NET Core Serialization

An endpoint in my ASP.NET Core web API project suddenly started returning a truncated JSON response with a 200 response code. According to the logs, an exception was thrown, but for some reason the response code was not 500 as I would expect.

Web API testing in ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET Core provides great support for integration testing of Web APIs. You can host the server in the test process and still make requests over HTTP. However, if your app reads its configuration from the appsetting.json file, you'll quickly find that the test server cannot find your regular configuration file.

Custom Data in Braintree Hosted Fields

March 3rd 2017 Braintree ASP.NET Core

Braintree's Hosted Fields offering is a great compromise between payment form customization and PCI SAQ A compliance requirements. Although it is not immediately evident from the documentation, the payment form can also easily be extended with custom data fields that your business might require. This post demonstrates how to do it in an ASP.NET Core application.

Deploying ASP.NET Core RC1 Application to IIS

February 14th 2016 ASP.NET Core IIS Visual Studio

If you're used to the old ASP.NET, it's not all that obvious how to deploy an ASP.NET Core application to IIS. Although, there is documentation available for the process, I still struggled a bit, before I got everything working. This post contains the steps I had to take, so that I can simply follow them the next time. At least, until something changes again with one of the future releases.