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Minifying Files in Hippo

In single page web applications (SPAs), it's a standard practice to minify the generated files (HTML, JavaScript and CSS) before publishing them. In contrast, Hippo CMS by default doesn't include such a step in its publishing process. However, there's nothing preventing you from adding it if you want to optimize the files that are sent to the browser.

Escaping Interpolated Values in Hippo Templates

March 15th 2019 FreeMarker Hippo CMS

If untrusted values are not correctly escaped when included in web page markup, they can easily make the site susceptible to attacks. To reduce the risk of developer mistakes, many template engines can take care of escaping by default. FreeMarker template engine is no exception. Unfortunately, Hippo CMS default configuration doesn't enable automatic escaping in FreeMarker templates.

Freemarker Loop Variables in Translation Keys

November 2nd 2018 FreeMarker Hippo CMS

Freemarker, the Hippo CMS template language, includes special directives for working with sequences. Additional built-ins can be used to get more information about the loop variable. However, I've noticed that they don't always work.

What is a Valid Hippo Head Contribution?

October 26th 2018 Hippo CMS FreeMarker

In Hippo CMS, a page is generated from a hierarchy of Freemarker templates. Child contents can inject content into other parts of the root page using head contributions. In this post, I'm listing some restrictions which apply when using them.