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Free Learning Forever Initiative by Packt Publishing

June 4th 2015 Book Promotion

Packt Publishing has started a new initiative; offering a different ebook for free every day. You have a 24 hour window during which the daily book is available, before it is replaced with the next one. You should check the page every day and download any books that might interest you.

Get NuGet 2 Essentials for just $10

July 2nd 2014 NuGet Book Promotion

Packt Publishing is currently celebrating 10 years of its existence. For this very special occasion they have decided to offer a significant discount on their complete catalog of eBooks and videos - until July 5th all their titles can be purchased for just $10. Since I'm also the author of NuGet 2 Essentials, one of the books in their line-up, I encourage you to take a closer look at this book.

Get a Free EBook From Packt Publishing

September 28th 2012 Book Promotion

To celebrate the publishing of their 1000th book Packt Publishing is awarding a free access to their online library PacktLib for 7 days and a free download of one book to everyone who logs in with their existing account or creates a new account between 28th and 30th September.

Gama System eArchive Accredited

July 5th 2008 Promotion

Gama System eArchive, one of the two products in our document product line, received accreditation from the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia last week. This acknowledgment by our national body means that any document stored in Gama System eArchive is automatically legally valid.

More Sidebar Gadgets Available

December 11th 2006 Sidebar Gadgets Windows Promotion

Since my last posting two new gadgets have been released: Slovenian Portfolio provides information from Ljubljana Stock Exchange, Slovenian Rates provides information on exchange rates from 4 Slovenian banks.

Our First Sidebar Gadget Released

December 1st 2006 Sidebar Gadgets Windows Promotion

We have just released our first Sidebar Gadget – Slovenian Radio. The gadget features a centralized list of radio stations (retrieved from our server) and basic controls for selecting the station and adjusting the volume.

Looking for a Cheap Computer Book Collection?

January 23rd 2006 Book Promotion

When I started to work on my Master's thesis I first had to find a good source of articles from science magazines and journals and proceedings from conferences related to my research field. I decided to join ACM as a professional member and go for the additional ACM Digital Library subscription.