July 9th 2001 Application Amiga

TV-Logo screenshot

TV-Logo is a program for displaying logotypes of TV stations. To use it you only need a plain Amiga (any Amiga will do, as long as it has KS 2.0 and a working floppy drive). Of course you'll also need a genlock to compose the Amiga output with the TV signal.

As you probably already noticed, the requirements are really low for such a program. Most similar programs need better Amigas and usually a hard disk, too. This program was designed to offer a simple solution to those who have smaller Amigas, but would still like to use them for such purposes. The program of course also works on better Amigas and can take use of hard disks, but these aren't required.

According to the low requirements, the program features are not exactly the best in comparison to other programs (these would result in bigger exe size and higher requirements), but still they offer enough to make the user happy.

The program offers easy switching among ten different source pictures for logotypes, ten preset logos (with specified size, RGB correction, position and ten different texts each (with configurable color, size, font and style)) available at a touch of a button and several other useful features.

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