March 3rd 2003 Application Windows

Recepti screenshot

I wrote this program because I was unsatisfied with available programs for managing the personal recipe collection. I wanted to have nice printouts, extensive search capabilities and simple entering of new recipes. A Slovenian user interface was also important.

Because I found nothing that would suite my needs I wrote this program myself. The recipe collection is stored in the database, the interface makes editing, searching and printing simple. The collection is organized in a two level tree hierarchy, pre-entered ingredients, measurement units and recipe sources make entering recipes quicker.

The program is based on existing Microsoft technology: database management system (Access and Microsoft SQL Server are supported), ADO for database access, Internet Explorer user control. Rapid application development tool Visual Basic 6 was used to bind all this technology into one application. The downside of the technologies used are the requirements to have all of them installed on the client computer. Most users should already have them but just in case all the above mentioned technologies link to their downloads.

The program only has Slovenian user interface, therefore it will be of limited use for those who don't speak it. The program probably won't be developed any more.

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