Blitz Basic Routines

September 17th 2000 Blitz Basic Amiga

Blitz Basic is a simple but powerful programming language for Amiga. At this time a version for Windows is also available but it unfortunately isn't compatible at the source code level because of different libraries and design decisions. If you're still programming for Amiga in Blitz Basic, here are some routines and techniques which might be of use to you.

ActiveWindow ( (12.32 KB)): This source code demonstrates how to open a window which automatically activates itself as long as its screen is the front one. The routine is particularly useful in cases where you open your own screen and a window on it which then receives all the events through IDCMP messages and also changes the pointer. By using this routine you can always know when your screen is the front one and you can activate the window without the user having to intervene.

BitmapPrint ( (16.12 KB)): This is a function for printing text on any bitmap using standard intuition fonts. All font styles are supported and also the shadow and outline effects are available.

ScrollText ( (45.56 KB)): This is a ready to use scrolling text routine. With it you can add a scrolling text to your program almost without any programming. The code can easily be modified to personal needs. A special font creator program along with an example is also included in the archive.

ShapesFix ( (18.34 KB)): This archive contains two functions meant as a replacement for the buggy built-in commands CopyShape and Scale which trash the image when its size exceeds 32 KB. You can use these functions safely as long as the size of the single bitplane doesn't exceed 32 KB. In case it does, you'll probably have to rewrite the blit functions, too.

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