Resources from Global Azure Bootcamp 2019

It was Global Azure Bootcamp time again last Saturday and for the third time in a row I was attending the Slovenian one as a speaker.

This time, my session was not about a specific technology or tool. Instead, I dived into application architecture. The microservices hype has been my pet peeve for a while and I wanted to share my opinion about it with the attendees. Of course, I also used the opportunity to give some guidance on the Azure services available to make hosting and development of microservices easier.

I was hoping to spark some conversation among attendees, and indeed some of them made the session even more interesting by talking about their own experiences and viewpoints. There's no definite right or wrong answer in software architecture and hearing about different views can be very helpful when choosing the best approach for your next project.

As always, the slides for the session are available for download.

A big thank you to everyone who attended the event and spent the Saturday learning about Azure, especially since this year it happened to coincide with a national holiday in Slovenia.

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