Slides and Code from NT Conference 2019

Yesterday the NT Conference 2019 concluded in Portoro┼ż. This year I had three sessions there.

On Tuesday, I talked about the new language features in C# 8 which is already in preview and is planned for final release in September. I've put the sample source code on BitBucket and uploaded the slides to my OneDrive. If you don't speak Slovenian or want more details than there are on the slides, you can also read my article on the same subject.

On Wednesday, I repeated my session about application architecture from this year's Global Azure Bootcamp. I talked about the differences between monoliths and microservices, trying to give some advice on which one to choose when. There was no sample code, but the slides are available in my OneDrive.

My final session on Thursday was about global tools in .NET Core. The main part was about creating your own global tool from scratch but I also explained what global tools are in general for those who weren't familiar with them before. The code for my sample global tool is on GitHub and the slides are in my OneDrive. If you missed the session or just need to look something up, you can check my article about global tools as well.

As usual, the audience was the largest for my C# session, but I was also very pleasantly surprised by the attendance of my architecture session. Thanks to everyone who attended any of my sessions. You're the best reward for all the hard work I put into preparing the sessions.

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