Slides from my MakeIT 2019 Session

October 18th 2019 Architectural patterns Speaking

MakeIT is the annual conference of the local Java community. I usually don't even consider speaking there but when the call for papers was announced for this year, I was in the middle of preparing my session about microservices for Global Azure Bootcamp 2019. Since the session focused on the architectural patterns and was mostly technology agnostic, I decided to submit it for MakeIT 2019 as well.

My proposal got accepted, so I had the opportunity to present my thoughts about microservices also to the local Java community after I had already done it twice for the local .NET community. The audience showed a lot of interest. I was particularly glad for the questions and comments raised by the attendees at the end of the session.

As promised, here are my slides available for download:

Thanks to everyone who attended. I hope you've found the information presented useful.

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