Resources From My Sessions at TechDays 2015

November 24th 2015 Universal Apps Speaking

Today the first TechDays conference of 2015/2016 took place at the premises of Microsoft in Slovenia. Me and Andrej Tozon, a fellow Slovenian Microsoft MVP, did a track on Windows 10 Universal Apps. He started with 2 overview sessions about what's new and how to migrate existing Windows Store and Windows Phone applications to the new development platform. I followed with a deep dive into 2 more specific topics.

My first session was about making universal Windows application more interactive by using live tiles, toast notification and push notifications. As always, slides and demos are available for download.

In the second session I talked about the different ways universal Windows applications can communicate between each other, as well as with desktop applications. Again, you can download the slides and demos.

A big thank you to everyone, who attended. Although it was a small crowd, many questions made the sessions interesting and interactive. It was a pleasure speaking today.

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